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The Cascade Wine Club  was started by a passionate wine enthusiast who has been a marketing sales consultant for small wine producers and local wine shops. Wine consumers are in need of education and ideas that personalize their  experiences with wine, friends and family. Some small business don't have enough time or space to run a wine club. I address these problems by creating marketing plans and strategy. I work as an extension to your business with research, e-commerce strategy and wine sales. More that 50% of your customers walk into your shop without knowing which wine to buy. They have one thing in mind that is taste . My goal is to reengage with new or seasoned wine enthusiasts through marketing.

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Business :

  • Connection to wine enthusiasts

  • Get reviews about your service and offerings

  • Building customer loyalty programs

  • Curate to customer member preferences

  • Expand your email lists - segment  and target

  • Retain and welcome new customers

  • Increase traffic in - store and website

  • Plan inventory and shipping


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Consumer :

  • No cost to join wine club wine club

  • Access and select personalized wines

  • Earn rewards and activate on purchases

  • Share wine experiences and knowledge

  • Share news and events to members

  • Receive promotions

  • Preferred delivery and shipping rates



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Email Marketing & Live Chat

Get to know your customer and deliver far more that email mail with hi touch personalized access

Start a Wine Club 

Deliver a valuable wine experience with access and merchant offers

Ambassador Wine Club

Servicing customers in your shop. A 2 hours wine experience for your customer

Let's Chat or Zoom

Email:  /  Tel: (347)277-5794

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" Kevin sold ours wines locally and produced 35 accounts in 2 years"



Michael Smith, Owner of Deseo de Michael Wines


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